Unai Emery: The penalty was soft but I had confidence in Aubameyang

Unai Emery spoke to the media after his side’s 2-0 win over Manchestr United on Sunday.

Here’s what he had to say:

On whether this way the best Arsenal performance this season…
“I don’t know if this is the best performance of the season. I think we are improving and also I think we are being competitive in different matches, away and home, different teams, the last time Bournemouth here and today against Manchester United.

“It was a different response and sometimes you use a different system and players but above all I think we can today feel very proud of every player and above all I want to say to our supporters ‘thank you’ because they helped us a lot today.

“I think we can create a big atmosphere like today for the next matches, for Thursday, because I think it is very important. The players did well with a very big spirit and also a big commitment to do the work like we work on.”

 On Aubameyang taking the penalty…
“He has experience, he shoots a lot of penalties, sometimes scoring, maybe sometimes not scoring. The most important thing is that it is one action, like another on the pitch – with personality and with confidence. I had the same confidence today like I had last week [against Spurs]. For me it was not one mistake when he didn’t score, it was one action but the goalkeeper can save also.”

On who decides who takes the penalties…
“Here we have some players who can shoot a penalty. They are going through their careers a lot of penalties. Aubameyang has experience and he is a specialist to score. Lacazette can also [take penalties] and today I had the same confidence with both.”

On whether he thought it was a penalty…
“Soft, like last week. Last week against Tottenham, [the referee gave] a penalty against us and this week [the referee gave] a penalty against Manchester United for us. I think we can be happy.”

On Xhaka’s goal…
“I think each player has his quality and one big quality, you know better than me, because you are watching more matches before I was here, I am only here one year. Xhaka is a specialist in shooting, he can shoot from different positions on the pitch – far from the goal – but his shooting is very dangerous usually.

“Today he tried to shoot and he scored but I think he can do each match like today.”

On the pitch invader
I don’t want that but it is not in my control. I think we can enjoy our supporters and today I am proud of every supporter who helped us but I think we need also to do it with respect.”

On Josh Kroenke being at the game…
“I didn’t speak with him but I know he is here. Maybe tomorrow, we can meet.”

On picking a positive team for the game…
“We were positive when we were struggling in the table. We had [better] balance in our mind when we were worse and now, after this victory, we can be positive but we won’t change our idea. It is going to be difficult. Our style is to think game by game and [we are in] two competitions, the Premier League and the Europa League. We are going to play the next match against Newcastle here after three weeks, it’s a lot, and our focus now is Thursday.

“We are happy today, we are going to analyse the match, also in the table we are better after the result, but Chelsea is with us, Manchester United is with us, Tottenham is also with us, we are going to play a lot of difficult matches. Being consistent is very important.

“At the moment I think we are playing consistent each match and today we showed everybody that. But, it is the same, be calm, be patient, continue improving and we know, like for example Thursday, one match can change a lot, with one red card or with one goal. Controlling the emotion is very important and today I think we worked very well with the emotion because they had also some chances and we needed our keeper, we needed our centre back, we needed our defensive players.

“Also, keeping this consistency in our minds is very important.”

On defensive improvements
“A clean sheet is very important and also it is important to use different systems, different players, who can think the same performance. I think we are improving, we are feeling better with the big confidence but we need each match to push and to work to continue feeling this confidence, with our performance and our possibility in two competitions.”





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