Unai Emery: It is hard for the referee…they need VAR to help

Speaking to BT Sport after Arsenal’s 1-1 draw at Wembley on Saturday, manager Unai Emery said the result could have been different if the referee had VAR at his disposal.

Here’s what the Spaniard had to say:

“We are finding our way today being competitive, adapting our performance against Tottenham defensively and offensively, demanding a lot of transition. For us it is good, not the result because we couldn’t win, but I think we can be stronger in our mentality for the next match.

“One month ago, I said to everybody my opinion on VAR. It is coming to help the referees. It is very difficult for the referees. You can analyse with the TV, it is very easy, but the referee can’t use that now.

“When VAR arrives I think it will help them and maybe today the match is different. But, I understand, it is very difficult for the referees. For me today, the referee [needs a] personality, big personality, for the two teams. It is not easy to get the balance for the two teams but I liked the referee today.”

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