Arsenal’s Denis Suarez on Iniesta, tennis, and watching Bergkamp on TV

Arsenal’s media department were in top gear for the announcement of Spanish midfielder Denis Suarez’s arrival at the club today (Thursday).

There were interviews, videos, and social media hashtags galore to enjoy as the 25-year-old was officially introduced to Gunners fans worldwide.

He’s what he had to say:

His inspiration in football?
“[Andres Iniesta] has always been my idol, ever since I was young. As well as the fact that he plays in a similar position to me, I was also able to spend two years with him – I learned a lot.
“It’s always been a massive complement to be compared to him.”

How does he approach football?
“My philosophy is about having fun, enjoying myself and, most importantly, winning.”

His best moment so far?
“There was the Europa League win with Seville and the first league title with Barcelona too.”

Any hidden talents?
“My hidden talent is something I haven’t discovered yet.”

Life outside of football?
“My favourite sport outside of football is tennis. When I’m not playing football I like to get to know new places, take a walk through the city and discover new things.

“One thing that nobody knows about me is that when I was little I used to watch the Premier League on TV. Arsenal were a team that really inspired me. I used to watch Bergkamp and Henry, they’re both legends of the club and hopefully we can follow in their footsteps.

“The one word I would use to describe myself is relaxed. I think that sums me up quite well.”

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