No amount of Aubamayang can cure what really ails this Arsenal side

I’ll preface this by saying I am enormously pleased that Arsenal managed to sign both Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and Henrikh Mhkitaryan in the January transfer window.

Mesut Ozil penning a new deal was also a welcome piece of news to add an extra touch of shine to our sparkling transfer crown.

But, for all the fanfare and general feeling of excitement, there remains a problem: None of the issues that have beset the team this season have actually been addressed.

Adding a splash of firepower in attack is great and I have no doubts that between them, the former Borussia Dortmund duo will create and score a bagful of goals.

What they will probably not do, however, is prevent us from leaking goals at a rate that would embarrass teams fighting at the bottom of the league.

Tuesday night’s trip to basement boys Swansea should have been the precursor to a glorious 24 hours for the Gunners. Instead, it smeared cold dog shit all over the excitement of the double-whammy of news that was to come.

Instead of releasing the good news into a swell of hope and expectation, the Arsenal PR machine went into firefighting mode, in an effort to offset the anger and frustration of the almighty balls-up in Wales, and what choice did they have?

Shipping three goals to a team as poor as Swansea, however much they may have improved under new management, was absolutely inexcusable and yielded a result even the most pessimistic of Gunners fans would struggled to foresee.

As much as I hate the phrase, it was clear that the hosts wanted it more than Arsenal. Eleven players fighting tooth and nail for their futures, chasing every ball, never resting a moment, pitted against a side that, quite frankly, didn’t have anything like the fight or desire of their opponents.

And it is not as if it was even an abnormal performance from this Arsenal side, quite the opposite. So used to this sort of abject, listless nonsense are we that nobody in the fandom really seemed that angry or upset post-match.

A shrug of the shoulders, a deep sigh of frustration. Same old Arsenal.

So whatever fillip the side may enjoy from these new reinforcements, you can’t help but worry that it won’t last beyond the next game or two.

The Gunners are wildly unpredictable these days and the level of performance and effort can leap from Premier League contenders to Championship strugglers from one half of football to the next.

Titles are so often won off the back of great defence and we have one of the worst in the league, underpinned by a midfield that seems to have little or no interest in doing the grunt work that is so important to getting through difficult mid-week matches in the depths of winter.

And while we might have just enough to get past Everton at the Emirates on Saturday (might being the operative word), is anyone confident we can go to Spurs the following week and expect to keep them quiet in the way we did at the Emirates last year?

Not bloody likely.

Petr Cech seems destined to wait until kingdom come before he secures his 200th clean sheet, while Arsenal’s already bulging coffers must be overflowing with the money saved into shut-out bonuses for our defence.

Arsene Wenger and his coaching staff are not blind to the problems we have when out of possession but they seem powerless to do anything about it. However much the Frenchman tinkers or cajoules, he cannot find a formula that works, at least not without sacrificing a little of the attacking ethos he prizes so highly.

It is that unrelenting, unshakeable commitment to attack and progressive football that means, therefore, that Arsenal will continue to dazzle and devastate in equal measure, and why no amount of Aubameyang will solve what ails us.

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