Deal for Aubameyang could turn Arsenal’s good week into a great one

As far as weeks in the life of an Arsenal fan go, these last seven days or so have been pretty good.

There have been some truly appalling periods for Gooners in recent years and this winter has certainly been no bed of roses, but two wins, a cup final spot, and a top-drawer player added to the squad has been a welcome tonic to an otherwise bleak new year.

A football-free weekend for Arsene Wenger’s men will allow the contentment to linger on that little bit longer and, who knows, may even give the club a chance to wrap up the deal for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Frankly, I think we all hoped to have the deal signed, sealed, and delivered for the Gabon striker by now, allowing us to cruise into next Tuesday’s trip to Swansea on the crest of a mini-wave of positivity.

However, it appears as if the negotiations have hit choppy waters and, with the end of January rapidly approaching, it is starting to feel a little ‘squeaky bum time’ for my taste.

With so much at stake, however, I hold out hope that the deal can be thrashed out before midnight on January 31.

Quite how the 28-year-old will fit into this current Arsenal setup is, as yet, unclear but it is encouraging to see the club making serious moves to add genuine quality to a team that has been shorn of it so regularly over the years.

If by some stroke of good fortune the Aubameyang deal is completed this weekend, we can even be so bold as to look forward to getting ourselves some much-needed stability back.

The team has been wildly inconsistent this season, perhaps more so than ever before, and so a return to something like normality is going to be key to our fortunes for the remainder of the season.

Simply put, we can’t keep lurching from excellent to abject on any given week.

Will the arrivals of Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, coupled with the departure of Alexis Sanchez, help in that respect?

Some fresh faces and a little optimism after a period of confusion and angst will give the players something to focus on and the fans something to cheer for and may just help propel us back towards the upper reaches of the league table.

The issues within the club run much deeper than a few new faces, of course, but the rebuild has to start somewhere and this would be a handy and timely place for it to do so.


While it may all have come too late to save our top-four tilt this year (never say never, of course) there is still lots for us to play for, not least a serious bid to win the Europa League and the possibility of winning the League Cup.

So, let’s all enjoy this period of goodwill, this light relief from the chaos of the last few months, and use it as an opportunity to refocus on propel the team onwards.

Let’s acknowledge a good week for the club, celebrate what has been achieved and focus on keeping that feeling alive.

Disaster is never far away in the modern game, and god knows we have had more than our fair share of it, so if we can stave off a new crisis for a little while longer, so much the better.

Here’s to many more good weeks ahead!

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