Unai Emery: ‘Winning is the first priority, a clean sheet is second’

Arsenal boss Unai Emery spoke to the press following his side’s 2-1 win over Huddersfield on Saturday.

Here’s what he had to say:

Were you unhappy with the performance?
“No, I am very happy. We were working very well. Every playing was struggling and also working for eachother, helping eachother, and I think today I am very proud of our work. Every player worked.

“I wanted more because the difference in the first half between them and us was two goals, it was not enough because if they score one goal, we have to struggle more. My ambition for them is to continue with the mentality, score the first goal, don’t concede position, but I know it is easier on the touchline than on the pitch.”

Is top four a realistic target?
“There is, at the moment, a one point difference between Manchester United and us. If you ask, ‘is it easy or difficult for us?’ I think it’s difficult but we can and at game 26, we are on our way. Our motivation is very great and every player wants to struggle in every match and be consistent in the Premier League over 38 matches.”

Does it concern you that you haven’t kept a clean sheet away from home?
“Yes, but we won. A clean sheet is important but we want to win. Maybe we can take a clean sheet and only draw. We spoke before the game in the dressing room about individual targets. The first target is to score one goal more than them and, after, clean sheet, but I think every player worked very well.

“The last action [Huddersfield’s goal] was unfortunate for us and also, maybe, they deserved it.”

Do you ever worry about how vocal you are on the touchline might stress the players out?
“It is my personality. If I am here, it is because in my career I progress like that. If I think something will be negative, I don’t do it.”

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