“I’m a bit scared.” Hector Bellerin’s simple but fascinating insight into the immediate aftermath of his cruciate ligament injury suffered last month.

The Spaniard recorded a video just hours after his was stretched off at the Emirates in agony, having suffered a major injury to his knee against Chelsea.

And, on Tuesday, he uploaded the video to his official YouTube channel.

With his emotions still fraught, the 23-year-old explains his thoughts and feelings, as well as his desire to take fans through the experience of dealing with a major injury.

He says: “I always try to make positives out of negative situations so hopefully this is going to be a chance for all of you to see the actual inside of what we go through when we have these sorts of injuries.”

The Gunners right back is expected to be out of action for between six and eight months.

See the video in full here:


Written by blogonyougunners

Journalist, blogger, and long suffering Arsenal fan, bound for all time to share the pain and misery, and occasional pin-prick of joy, that comes with following North London's finest exports.

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