Unai Emery on Manchester United, Hector Bellerin, and Denis Suarez

As far as pre-match press conferences go, Unai Emery played with a pretty straight bat when he faced the press today (Wednesday).

He answered questions on FA Cup opponents Manchester United, Denis Suarez, Monchi and Hector Bellerin. The only surprise, perhaps, was that none among the assembled press took the chance to throw in a Mesut Ozil-shaped curve ball.

It was also worthy of note that he didn’t rule out the possibility of the Suarez deal being done before the end of the transfer window, despite El Mundo Deportivo suggesting the negotiations had broken down.

Here’s what Emery had to say…

On Manchester United under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer….
“It’s a different team, with the same players, but with a big performance now. I was watching the last matches and each player played with big confidence and big performance and now they are very dangerous.

“But for us this is good. It is a very big test for us in this competition. With our style and supports, we feel very well and we want to create a new atmosphere on Friday.”

On transfers….
“The club continues working on that. I am working with our players but I think we can sign some players to help with our injuries to Rob Holding, Danny Welbeck and Hector Bellerin, but we can play with the players we have now and the same message to every supporter we only want to sign one or two players who can help us with their performance and the club is working. They know our intention and our possibilities.

On whether the club is interested in Denis Suarez…
I don’t want to speak about one player because I know the club is working with different players.

On Sven Mistlintat…
“It was a very short time that I worked with him but we worked well. I think he has big experience in Germany and here, in England, my experience with him was positive, it was good.”

On whether he had a falling out with Mistlintat…

On the possibility of Monchi joining Arsenal…
“I can say to you that he is working in Roma. I worked very well with him for three-and-a-half years in Sevilla, my relationship with him is good but this issue is the club’s responsibility. I can say to you only that he is a good person and a good professional.”


On recruiting a new technical director…
“If you do it too quickly you can make a mistake. It is better to do it calmly so finding the best possible person to do this work like we want. I think the club is working on that but it is not my issue. If the club decides to sign a sporting director, I agree with them.”

On his rection to the clean sheet against Chelsea…
“Yes, it was very important. It is our challenge every match. The last two matches, defensively we are, I think, better. Against Manchester United, who have big attacking players, we will do the same work. We can be defensively strong and also I think we need every player to help us defensively.

“In the last match against Chelsea, every player worked very hard, defensively and offensively, and also with good spirit. They pressed well and, on Friday, we need to do the same. Our challenge on Friday is a clean sheet against Manchester United.”

On whether he has spoken to Hector Bellerin…
“We are said after his injury. This year is a very big year for injuries but football is like that. We need to take this injuries but we are very sad.

“Hector Bellerin is very mature and he will deal with this injury like a football professional and he is preparing to come back stronger.”





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