Five key quotes from Arsene Wenger’s pre-Norwich City press conference

Arsene Wenger arrived for his pre-Norwich press conference with both barrels loaded as he faced the media for the first time since news of the planned supporters’ protests emerged.

The Gunners boss was asked about the frustrations of fans, the role of club owner Stan Kroenke, and the capitulation of his team in the heat of the Premier League title race, and came out fighting on all fronts.

You can watch the whole press-conference below or simply enjoy the five key quotes we’ve picked out from one of the most resoundingly passive-aggressive press conferences of all time.



On the anger of fans…

“Yes, you know I think this club has special values and we care about the club and we care about our fans as well and we try to keep everybody happy. We have to put things a little bit in perspective and see how the club’s evolution has gone over the years. I believe it was not always easy. The quality of the work we’ve done at the club has got us in a strong position where the expectation level is very high. The frustration is very high as well when we do not get what we want.”


On the title race…

“As well you know, I can understand the frustration. Nobody is more frustrated than we are. But competitionally as well, to fight, no matter what happens, master all kinds of situations and protect and go for what we can achieve…our disappointment has not to go too far. I believe that the team…some people question their character. I tell you something, this team has character and attitude. Some people who question them, I know them well, have less character than this team has. Because I saw them play and know them closely. They should not question the character of these players because they are exceptional characters. We are disappointed but we have to fight.”


On where the season went wrong…

“We have to stick together, the team played as well this season sometimes at home…we lost the championship at home against the lower teams, but we played sometimes at home in a very difficult climate. We have to realise that away from home we are championship winners. At home, against the smaller teams, we dropped the points. We are top of the league in the top teams. We want to add what is needed.”


On outside forces influencing the fans…

Look, there are some group of people who try to manipulate and do that well to our fans. I believe apart from an agenda, a personal agenda and big ego, there’s not a lot behind it. That’s what I think, basically.”


On Stan Kroenke…

“I don’t want to go into personal comments on my owner. We can work with complete freedom. I believe that every football club should work with the resources it generates and that’s what we do. When I speak about values, this is one of the values I speak about and we are very proud to do that.”

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